Digital Theatre+ Releases Sherman Theatre’s Award-Winning Iphigenia in Splott

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“By any measure going, this is perfect theatre”
The Times

Digital Theatre+ is thrilled to announce that Sherman Theatre’s universally acclaimed and award-winning touring production, Iphigenia in Splott, will be available worldwide on its arts education platform from Wednesday 16th of November.

Directed by Rachel O’Riordan and starring Sophie Melville (shortlisted in the 2016 Evening Standards Awards for the Natasha Richardson Award for best actress), Gary Owen’s outstanding contemporary adaptation of the enduring Greek myth was captured live by Digital Theatre+. The production has won multiple awards, including the James Tait Black Prize for Drama at the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe, and Best New Play at the UK Theatre Awards, becoming the first Welsh play to transfer directly to the National Theatre.

This blazing, one-woman production was originally staged at Cardiff’s Sherman Theatre before embarking on a national tour that took in some of the UK’s finest venues, including: the National Theatre, Liverpool Everyman, Bristol Old Vic, Birmingham Rep and Oxford’s North Wall, where the production was captured.

Sherman Theatre’s Artistic Director Rachel O’Riordan stated: “Through broadcasting this production on Digital Theatre+, we are creating an amazing opportunity for people from across the globe to experience the Sherman’s production of Iphigenia in Splott. The story of Effie is a powerful and relevant piece that will resonate with audiences from across the UK and beyond, and we are proud to be part of this innovative digital project and for this production to sit alongside other world-class productions.

Speaking about the latest capture, Robert Delamere, Digital Theatre’s Co-Founder and Creative Director said: “Iphigenia in Splott is a profound, deeply accessible and powerfully moving piece of contemporary theatre. Work of this quality and impact is exactly why Digital Theatre was created. I’m delighted that it will now be available to a wider audience and that students in more than 61 countries will have the opportunity to study it. A visceral, expertly crafted play, with a stunning central performance.”

Digital Theatre+’s 3 million subscribers will be given access to the multi award-winning production via; with the release also scheduled for consumers via the on-demand platform at

Digital Theatre Film Credits
Director: Robert Delamere
Producer: Stephen Quinn

Audiences can watch online and via an expanding range of devices including desktop, tablet and mobile.



For a viewing copy of Iphigenia in Splott, click the button below and enter password dtsplott.




Overview of the production:

“What gets me through is knowing I took this pain, and saved every one of you from suffering the same.”

Stumbling down Clifton Street at 11:30am drunk, Effie is the kind of girl you’d avoid eye contact with, silently passing judgement. We think we know her, but we don’t know the half of it. Effie’s life spirals through a mess of drink, drugs and drama every night, and a hangover worse than death the next day – ‘till one night gives her the chance to be something more. Effie will break your heart.

Inspired by the enduring Greek myth, Iphigenia in Splott drives home the high price people pay for society’s shortcomings.

Cast                                   Sophie Melville
Writer                                 Gary Owen
Director                              Rachel O’Riordan
Designer                             Hayley Grindle
Lighting Designer              Rachel Mortimer
Sound Designer                 Sam Jones

Iphigenia in Splott reviews

“By any measure going, this is perfect theatre: intelligent, moving, and horribly, horribly relevant.”
The Guardian

“Sophie Melville is remarkable as Effie […] Iphigenia in Splott is not only successful in reimagining the rhetorical poetry of its Euripidean influence – it’s also an important play. The so-called chav culture has been unremittingly mocked in the media and this attempt to humanise the sort of person sneered at in Channel 5 documentaries is long overdue.”
The Telegraph

“A blisteringly powerful indictment of society’s failings, with a stunning performance from Sophie Melville at its heart.”
The Stage

“Recent years have proven oddly infertile for political theatre, but Iphigenia in Splott is the sort of clear-eyed rallying cry that deserves to force a change.”
Time Out

“Rachel O’Riordan’s sharply focused production has a pacy directness, and Sophie Melville is sensational as Effie […] She savours the intelligence and political anger of Owen’s writing, which is painfully vivid and sometimes devastatingly funny.”
Evening Standard

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About Sherman Theatre
The Sherman Theatre is one of Wales’s leading producing houses, working in both English and Welsh with a particular remit for the development and presentation of new writing.

The Sherman makes and curates exciting theatre for audiences. They develop and nurture the work of Welsh and Wales based artists. They generate opportunities for the citizens of Cardiff and beyond to connect with theatre through relevant, inspiring and visionary engagement.

The Sherman supports new writing in Wales through programmes such as TAITH, a bilingual development process for new writers; New Welsh Playwrights Programme, an 8 week development process for established writers with £1000 Richard Carne Award and BRIG which sets out to find the best of Welsh language writers and gives them a platform both at the Sherman and at the Eisteddfod Genedlaethol.

They are committed to nurturing young and emerging talent and run an extensive Creative Learning programme ranging from youth theatres, choirs and older audience projects, to inclusive theatre groups and community led productions. The Sherman 5 scheme, funded by Paul Hamlyn Foundation, is designed to attract audiences who have never been to the theatre before from a range of diverse backgrounds and is championing audience development in South Wales.


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